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About Us

History of Busy Brooms
In 2001, Annemarie Johne started Busy Brooms with the help of her mother, Bozena La Pierre.
That small operation grew quickly employing more and more associates.

In 2004, Annemarie’s daughter, Olivia, graduated from the University of Virginia and joined the family business for several years.

In 2006, Annemarie’s husband Art retired from Marriott Hotels & Resorts and joined Busy Brooms. He strengthened the business with his customer service and operational skills.

In 2015 Busy Brooms have moved to their new location at 1215 Monticello Rd in Charlottesville.  Annmarie opened a yoga studio;  Open Heart Yoga Center, which is located in the same building.

Annmarie is a Vedic Educator, Meditation and Yoga Instructor certified through Chopra Center for Wellbeing in CA.

She enjoys very much working in both businesses daily.


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What makes us unique? 

The Estimate!  Annmarie, the Owner, must see every home before we schedule your first cleaning.  This allows us to determine what your expectations are and the amount of time and equipment that is necessary to perform your cleaning.  Companies that provide estimates and schedule “blindly” often have numerous miscommunications, cost overages, etc.  We want you to know exactly what it’s going to take to bring you the beauty of a clean space!

The Supervisor!  Each Team of cleaners is led by a Supervisor whose primary function is to ensure your expectations and our quality standards are met for EVERY home, regardless of the size or time requirement.  This ensures that we will not have to return to your home and that you always receive EXCELLENT service.

The GPS!  In the Summer of 2013, we decided to provide our Fleet with an integrated GPS Monitored System.  This system allows for us to see where any vehicle in our Fleet is in real time.  This has helped us to use less gas, decrease our carbon footprint, and increase our punctuality and efficiency when arriving to your home.

What happens after the Estimate?  
At the time of an estimate Annmarie will talk to you about your expectations, she will go over the scope of work, and note all the details.
She will then determine the time needed to complete the cleaning of your home and contact you to schedule the cleaning at the time most convenient for you.

How does the scheduling work?
We have implemented a unique system that has a Team ready just for new customers.  This eliminates the need for new customer to have to wait a week or two before receiving their first cleaning.  In many cases, we are able to service your home the day after your estimate!

A typical day contains 3 time slots…  8:30 – 9 AM, 11 – 11:30 AM and 2 – 2:30 PM.  Due to the numerous variables that we may encounter throughout our day, we always allow a 30-minute window in the scheduled time that we set for you.

What should I expect when the Team arrives?
At the time of your cleaning, a uniformed Supervisor and Team will arrive in a company-branded vehicle.  The Supervisor will introduce you to the Team and ask if there is anything specific that you would like for us to focus on (we will already have the detailed information from your estimate with Annmarie).

Once the walk-through is complete, the Team will get started!  We have designed a cleaning method that utilizes the time at your home the most efficiently…  One Team member will focus on the Bathrooms and Kitchen while the other Team member will focus on dusting and flooring.

We are understand that we are bringing this service to your personal space.  Our Teams should always be respectful and quiet while in your home.  Cell phone use is prohibited unless it is an emergency and, at that point, the Team member should step aside and take the call.  We should never use your cleaning supplies unless this is something that you have specified.

The Supervisor will be inspecting and helping with delicate items throughout the cleaning and will do a full-house inspection within 30 minutes of completion.  We encourage you to feel free to ask questions and walk through the house with the Supervisor.  It is their job to make sure you are satisfied with the work our Team has done.

Why choose Busy Brooms?  
It is so important for us to hear from you…your feedback, comments and concern allow us to fully customize your service and ensure efficient training of our Teams.  We want to bring the best service to you, so we hold at least 2 training sessions per week.

Through high standards, a passion for cleaning, and a unique operational model of supervisors bringing crews to homes and inspecting work completed, has allowed Busy Brooms to become the best and most respected  cleaning company in Albemarle and surrounding counties.

At the core of Busy Brooms is being professional, honest, reliable, and courteous. As a result of these core values and high standards, Busy Brooms is a consistent yearly winner of CVille® and Albemarle Family® magazines reader’s choice awards.

Annmarie always says, “We all love what we do here at Busy Brooms and we want everyone to experience the beauty of a clean space.”